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this is the kind of groomling we want you to haveWelcome to GroomingLive.com; your source for up-to-date reviews on electric shavers, safety razors, straight razors and similar items for men. You have so many choices available when you shop, and we’re here to help. When you visit groominglive.com, you’ll find reviews and tips from top-notch writers who want to help you look your best. We’ve got product reviews with information your can trust, fashion and grooming tips to help you put your best foot forward and the latest news from industry insiders. We invite you to spend a few moments exploring our website, so you can get to know us a little better. You’ll find lots of useful features you may not find anywhere else. Over 75 percent of American men shave at least part of their faces at least once a day. That’s a very diverse group, but we can help all these guys maximize the time they spend with a razor in front of the mirror.

The Best Electric Shaver Reviews

Close up of the head of a modern electric razorElectric razors may be the fastest way to get out of the bathroom in the morning and start your day right. It’s little wonder that “convenience” is one of the top factors in these purchase decisions. You can pick up an electric razor almost anywhere, but how do you know it’s really going to do the job? And how do you know that what works great for some guys will produce the same results on your face? Are you worried about things like battery life, cleaning ease, cutting angles, wet-dry capabilities and so on? If you have these questions, you’ve come to the right place for answers. At groominglive.com, we’ll give you the good, the bad and the ugly. We believe that anything you use every day is a major investment, so we want you to have the most information possible when you shop. Our professionals will give you straight answers to your questions about:

  • What brand of shaver is best
  • How much to spend on an electric razor
  • The best places to shop and buy
  • What features you really need, and which features are just fluff

You may use an electric razor to trim your moustache, beard, sideburns, goatee, Van Dyke or other facial hair. We can give you tips on what to grow, how to grow it and how to keep it looking great. We give you the information that allows you to make a choice. Shopping for a gift is even tougher than buying something for yourself, so get as much information from groominglive.com as you can before you give that holiday, birthday, Father’s Day or Just-Because Day present.

The Best Safety Razor Reviews

old safety razor with coverIf you prefer the feel of a safety razor against your cheek, you’re certainly not alone: 85 percent of shavers prefer a wet shave. Many guys say a safety razor gives them a closeness that an electric shaver just can’t match. If you’re like many men, the disposable razors in the dollar bin simply don’t measure up to your standards. Where do go next? How do you select the best safety razor when they all basically look alike? We can give you the tips you need to find the one that’s right for you. Brand and price matter a lot, but there are lots of other factors to consider. We’ll give you real reviews from real guys who all want you to look your best.

The Best Straight Razor Reviews

Old fashion straight razorFew things can match the simplicity and beauty of a straight razor. Furthermore, every time you shave, you’re forging a connection with your father and his father. If you feel that the old ways are still the best ways, a straight razor is for you. Many guys like to hold onto their straight razors, and pass them down to their sons when they get older. We can help you find the one that fits your needs. Our straight razor reviews cover things like:

  • Where to buy, and how much to spend
  • Maintaining your straight razor’s blade
  • The best material for the handle
  • Usage and storage tips

A straight razor is also a great gift for the important guy in your life. Just imagine the look on his face when he opens the box. Log onto groominglive.com, and we’ll show you the way. We’re continually adding new content, so we hope you’ll be back again soon to see what’s new on groominglive.com.