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Best Safety Razor Reviews, Accesories and How to use them

What the Best Safety Razor Looks Like

old double edge safety razor with coverA razor is a shaving implement that has a protective device placed between the skin and the blade’s edge to ensure optimal comfort and protection of the skin. The protective device was initially placed to reduce the expertise needed by the device’s user. It ensures that no matter the level of skill possessed by the user; the shaving is injury free. In a nutshell, the razor ensures that men reduce the reliance on professional barbers to ensure that they enhance their grooming standards. They are available in different types. Innovations continue to present users with highly effective, secure and comfortable razors. We mainly have plastic disposable razors and razors with disposable blade attachments which are replaceable. The initial razors were single-edged. Many changes have led to the introduction of triple blade cartridge razor and the double-edged razors. In addition to the two developments, there are disposable razors which can be disposed of in totality once they have been used. Such razors are mainly applicable to hotel rooms which provide their guests with grooming devices. Since razors are a common grooming device for both men and women, this article aims to shed light on some of the most informative aspects of razors. The information covered entails: qualities of the best razor, how to shave using a razor, razor blades and the different types, and the best blades to use.

Safety Razor Reviews

We conduct our own research to provide you with high quality razor reviews thinking in saving you time and give you all the information you need to make a decision on which is the most adequate for you. In the table below, you will find a list of the safety razors we selected and reviewed. They where carefully chosen taking into consideration various factors as quality, customer reviews, popularity, price, materials, time in market, brand, and some more.

Merkur Heavy Classic
merkur heavy classic
Double edgeClassic shaving tool for expert wet-shavers and newbies. Comes with extra weight for an extra smooth comfortable shave (4.8 / 5)
Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl
Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl
Double edgeTraditional Lined Detail Chrome Plated razor. Comes with 5 Derby safety blades (4.7 / 5)
Merkur Heavy Duty
Merkur Heavy Duty
Double edgeHeavy duty model, stainless steel and imported from Germany. Another hand crafted by Merkur (4.7 / 5)
Merkur Long Handled
Merkur Long Handled
Double edgeBeautiful long handled razor made by Merkur from Germany. Chrome finish, great for people with large hands. (4.6 / 5)
Parker 99R
Parker 99r
Double edgeSuper heavyweight butterfly open razor that comes with 5 Shark super chrome blades. Easy blade replacement and a genuine Parker product. (4.4 / 5)

Essential requirements of a good razor

Although safety is the main reason why razors are preferred, choosing the razor to use should be informed by more details. Since we shave on a daily basis and on a tight schedule, the razor we use should be effective, affordable and easy to use. The top five considerations to consider while choosing the razor to use include:

  • Safety
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Better shave
  • Favorability to the skin
  • Durability


modern disposable cartridge safety razorThis is the basic reason behind the use of a razor. It is, therefore, imperative to ensure that the razor you choose to use ensures that your skin is optimally taken care of regardless of your expertise level. This is usually a problem for most of the first-time users of razors. A good razor should ensure that you do not have to undergo the problems of getting an expert barber or suffer from skin cuts because you are a beginner. Select a razor whose design ensures that it only serves the shaving purpose. Its blade should only be able to shave and cut nothing else in a significant manner. This trait would ensure that you do not suffer any skin cuts while shaving. Cost effectiveness Shaving is a daily activity. This implies that the efforts to achieve a presentable face on a daily basis come at a cost. Therefore, it is important to consider the cost of the razor you choose to ensure that you could maintain using it on a consistent basis. Most razors are designed with disposable blade attachments. This ensures that you change the blade as frequently as you desire while maintaining the same razor. Such an offer is affordable to most people who ensure that you remain groomed without straining your financial budget. This ones give a better shave than electric shavers and the straight razors. The razors are user-friendly to ensure that you learn how to use them within the minimal time-frame. Their design also ensures that you reduce the chances of cutting your skin when shaving. The best razor is designed in a manner that the blade cuts nothing apart from the hair. Its blade attachment should cover the entire blade leaving only its edge to cut hair. These properties ensure that a good razor used together with a good shaving cream and a brush to offer a perfectly smooth and elegant look. Favorability to the skin Unlike the traditional straight razor or the shaving machine, you do not have to put extra pressure on the face when using a good razor. The soft handling of the sin ensures that the skin feels less irritated after shaving. Furthermore, a good razor will ensure that there is less ingrowth of facial hair, razor burns, and breakouts. A good razor should be capable of ensuring that the aftershave problems mentioned above do not occur after its use.


A good razor should have a long life and can be used together with any type of blade. The razor should be used for a long time without the need for upgrading it. Apart from being highly durable, a good razor should also contribute minimally to waste in the environment. In the case of any need for change, a good razor should only require the user change the blade attachment.

How to shave with a safety razor

Shaving using a razor should be an enjoyable experience that not only leave you well groomed, but also leave you with a refreshed skin. The following step by step guide will definitely ensure that you achieve the best shave no matter whether you a first-time shaver or a seasoned one. The basic principle for using razors is that they should not be bullied into the skin. They require light glides in the direction of the beard. Applying pressure on the razor against the skin could definitely result to bleeding or skin irritation. Just a light stroke using a razor is deemed to remove all hair regardless of their complexity. Ensure that the razor moves across the beard at an angle averagely 30 degrees. You should begin your shaving slowly by maintaining short and light strokes in the hair growth direction. It is, therefore, vital that you note the direction of your hair growth before beginning the shaving process. Razors achieve the best results with skin that is held taut. Use your free hand to stretch the skin on the cheeks and the neck. Often rinse the blade while shaving so as to enhance your chances of achieving a neat shave.

Blades and its different types

Double Edge Blade for safety razor

Double Edge Blade

Although many brands of razor blades are available for wet shavers, there are two main categories of blades, the double edge blades and the single edge blades. Single edge blades have their shaving edge on only one side. The fact that the user has access to only one side of the blade means has two main disadvantages. The user keeps on rinsing the blade and also replaces it more often because the single side is exhausted at a faster rate. On the other hand, double edge blades enable the user to access both sides of the blade. Unlike the single edge blade, this type enables the user to shave using the two sides. The user rinses the blade after shaving using both sides hence reducing time wastage in the rinsing process. In addition to saving time, the double edge blade also ensures that both sides of the razor blade are used hence creating a longer duration for the blade.

Which are the best blades?

Blades form the most important part in a razor. Since the blades are the ones in direct contact with the skin, choosing the right blade determines the quality of shaving that you get. Some of the best blades to use include: BIC, Crystal, Derby, and Feather.


These blades are preferred for their smooth shave. Although Feathers outdo them in terms of sharpness, BIC blades are sharper than most blades in their price range. The blades are preferred by men beginning on shaving because they are gentle on the skin. This makes them also preferable for people with sensitive skin types.


Although this blade is preferable for men of all skin types, their sharp edge makes it a preferable choice for men with heavy beards. You do not have any chance of tugging or pulling official hair because of the blade’s dullness. Furthermore, Crystal blades are offered at an affordable cost considering their effectiveness in shaving all skin types.


Derby blades are one of the best-selling brands and command a large customer base. Its smooth and sharp cutting edge makes the blade most suitable for any shaving beginner. Its smooth edge also makes it preferable for sensitive skin and people who get skin irritation from very sharp blades. The downside about these blades is that they are too dull for dense beard. Finally, if you are budget conscious person, the Derby blades are the best for you because they will offer you the best service at a very affordable cost since they are one of the cheapest brands.


Feathers are the best-ranked blades among most wet shavers. They are the sharpest blades in the market and are best because they can easily be used for all beards including thick ones that are always difficult to shave when using other blade types. Their overly sharp trait makes them less attractive to people with sensitive skin types. In order to gain the best results using Feathers, ensure that you prepare your skin adequately for shaving by lathering your skin with a good shaving cream. In summary, the information above should adequately help you achieve the best looks using a good razor and the best blades in the market. When you shave with one of these blades you will be helping the planet as the only disposable you have is a piece of steel (the blade). If you shave with a disposable cartridge one, you are disposing plastic and steel which creates a recycling problem as those materials should be separated.